The intent at Navsrijan is to make holistic education free and accessible to the underserved.

The schools approach to education is rooted in the philosophy of Integral Education as developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. We believe that the school is a safe, secure, fearless environment to nurture the young mind in all aspects of development – the intellectual or the cognitive or academic, the physical or psychomotor, the emotional or affective and the spiritual or connect with the higher consciousness.

With English as the medium of instruction, the focus is to empower students with skills required for a global world. Most classrooms are multi-age group and have students with multiple learning levels. Students come in with no formal schooling experience.  Currently the oldest group of students (learning level wise) match upto Class 10. Three batches of students successfully passed class 10th from the National Institute for Open Schooling

Alongside academics, the core for education we believe is holistic development. Navsrijan is not just a literacy program. Students are exposed to a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities. Sports (particularly cricket and football), yoga, music and dance (for example Bharatnatyam, Kathak&Odissi)are given importance.

Navsrijan students are introduced to Sanskrit right from LKG through Devabhasha – a flagship initiative of Seth M R Jaipuria School. Devabhasha seeks to empower children with the ability to understand and converse in Sanskrit and thereby bring about a recovery of India’s national character and values. To know more about Devabhasha, log onto

Navsrijan is the only school for the underserved that teaches Sanskrit as an integral part of its curriculum. Our students can speak, converse, recite and even debate in Sanskrit.

We have VALUE OF THE MONTH PROGRAMME for our children. It is a method of conscious value education for young hearts, wherein we emphasize inculcating moral values and building awareness of our culture and traditions. Students are exposed to various value-based stories (majorly Indian Historical heroes like Prahlad, Dhruv, Arjun etc.) followed by a vibrant discussion about the relevance of that particular value in their life – values such as compassion, empathy, honesty, integrity, determination, sincerity and others.

Our Core Values

Equitability: All students should have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Inclusiveness: All students are entitled to the same education.

Balance: Students should be able to grow in all areas, not just academics.

Respect: All students should be treated with respect, regardless of age, gender or economic status.

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Discussion – Gender Equality
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Ragini, Student of Navsrijan
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Gayatri, Student of Navsrijan
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Anushka, Student of Navsrijan
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Anushka, Student of Navsrijan