Computer Graphics and Photography

The school has evolved to meet the changing needs of education. As technology became more embedded in our daily lives we have introduced Computer Graphics for our class 7th and 8th students. The children are doing the interesting designing work in the CorelDRAW. They are learning editing, creativity, Bitmaps & vector effects, slideshow presentation, scripts, and macros. Corel draw sessions are flourishing among them the skill of creativity and innovativeness. We started photography as well for their better career options and to make them stand confidently in near future.


Navsrijan students have been given access to the Mindspark program by the mentor school Seth M.R.Jaipuria School. A very effective computer based self-learning program for Math learning, Mindspark effectively builds higher order thinking skills in students. Considered top of the niche teaching-learning intervention in the field of Math, Navsrijan is thankful to the Jaipuria School for granting access to our students. Click here to know more (


Navsrijan has partnered with Kid’s Holistic Education & Life skills (KHEL) for the “Made in Maidan” project. This project engages with adolescents through the medium of sports. While the sports program is on, students are introduced to various life skills. Click here to know more ( )

Buddy Program

A unique program wherein students form buddy pairs, i.e. one student from Navsrijan pairs up with another from the mainstream Seth M.R.Jaipuria School to form a symbiotic friendship. The intent is to build a respectful, meaningful, helpful and empathetic relationship. For the Navsrijan students, buddy pairs have typically influenced their English speaking ability. They also see the stress on personal hygiene etc. For the Jaipuria student, these interactions have helped students become more compassionate and sensitive to others lives and needs. It also reminds them of the privileges they have and therefore inculcates a respect for them.

Photo Gallery

Discussion – Gender Equality

Ragini, Student of Navsrijan

Gayatri, Student of Navsrijan

Raja, Student of Navsrijan

Anushka, Student of Navsrijan