Raising money to run the school is a challenge. While there is no dearth of intent and passion at Navsrijan, mobilizing funds has been very difficult. We are a free school. We do not charge any money from our students or parents. Our teachers are well trained, committed and paid salaries in sync with graded teachers. The cost of educating one student is approximately Rs. 13,000 per year. And we have 300 students now. So your support however big or small will be appreciated.

We welcome donations of all kinds. You may adopt a few children and mentor them. This will help us immensely. You can also donate in kind to support our resource needs.

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Discussion – Gender Equality

Ragini, Student of Navsrijan

Gayatri, Student of Navsrijan

Raja, Student of Navsrijan

Anushka, Student of Navsrijan