“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed,” This quote by Maya Angelou reflects the vision and philosophy of the Jaipuria family.
Celebrations are an integral part of Seth M.R.Jaipuria School through which values are inculcated in the students.
 Playgroup students of Seth M.R.Jaipuria school celebrated the festival with our Navsrijan students to achieve this vision.
The event began with a story narration followed by the decoration of the trees, together by the Playgroup and Navsrijan students.
A music session was also held where the children sang and danced to Christmas carol and various other songs.
This celebration was concluded by an exchange of gifts between the children where the Navsrijan students presented a paper Santa and the Playgroup students gifted small toys to the Navsrijan children.
By exchanging the gifts the children learned the value of sharing with the underserved children of the society and experienced the joy of giving.
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