In 2nd Jaipuria cultural fest 2019 in which 25 schools participated students of Navsrijan outshone other schools and brought laurels in many categories. Gold Medals in English elocution in all the three categories were grabbed by the students of Navsrijan only. Ragini Bansal (St. IX), Ruchi Bansal (St. VIII)  & Arti Kashyap (St. VI)  bagged 1st prize, astonishingly surpassing 24 Jaipuria schools of various districts.

In Hindi elocution, Praveen Kumar (St. VIII) & Komal Kanaujia (St. V B) won 1st prize and  Gayatri Bansal(St. IX) won the 2nd prize.
Apart from academics, our students gave thrilling performances in extracurriculars as well. Kashifa Arif of class IX bagged 3rd position in the painting competition. Navsrijan children got 1st position in choir and third position in dance as well.
Navsrijan team received runner up trophy among 24 Jaipuria schools.
Outcomes stand witness of strong willpower and wholehearted efforts of our students.
The results also show that these underprivileged students are in real terms overprivileged in potentials and traits.

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