Khel Session 2019

The annual sessions by NGO KHEL at Navsrijan, is an event that the students excitingly look forward to. It gives them an opportunity to learn new games, skills and techniques. These sessions focus on the students’ overall development, from emotional to physical development.

The students of classes 3 and 4 regularly take part in these sessions, which are held twice a week. This year, one of the most popular sports in the North India, i.e. Kho-Kho was introduced to the students to develop their sense of team work. This sport requires a good deal of coordination and tuning among the team-mates and not only the students learn to maintain unity and good communication but they also thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.

Another important trait to nurture among this generation is to build understanding and trust. The fellows from KHEL organized a game called ‘Waqt kya hua, bhediya?’ which translates to ‘What is the time, wolf?’ This game encouraged students to develop a sense of faith and confidence among each other and how it can improve their overall performance.


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