Navsrijan ensures ‘Learning never Stops’ amid COVID-19 through Virtual Classes

The Coronavirus led lockdown has put our zeal and solidity to a hard test by interrupting our regular lives. It is indeed a testing time for us. In an effort to overcome the effects of the pandemic and to keep the learning on,Navsrijan switched to ‘online teaching-learning’ mode.

Initially, transitioning to online learning was a challenge for everyone as students at Navsrijan come from financially underserved backgrounds. The first task was to ensure that the students have access to internet.The quality of internet and affordability of high-speed connectivity have emerged as major issues for them but despite these issues students are tryinghard to manage their studies. Next was to motivate the students for online classes, for which the teachers left no stone unturned to ensure joy, warmth, and humour while making videos and audios for the students. Teachers regularly conduct one-on-one calls with children to explain the difficult concepts and ensure learning.Not only this, teachers are conducting virtual tests as well and children are enthusiastically appearing for it. Our student – teacher relationship also grew during this tough time.

This is the first year when Navsrijan students are progressing for board exams. It was arduous to bring them together as they are not only backward financially but also lack in awareness. The collaborative efforts of the teachers and thoughtful planning by the Principal along with the hardworking students made it possible beating all odds. The only endeavour was to be able to inculcate all the facets of learning online and engage students positively in such times of crisis. We are proud to see 95 to 100 percent participation from Classes 9th and 10th students.

Middle school students have shown great enthusiasm and interest in continuing their learning through this medium of online teaching. Almost 80% students have access to it and manage to complete their work within stipulated time frame. These online classes have helped the students to become independent and maintain the discipline that comes with a set routine.

Primary school students are learning well too as their online orientation allows them to singularly focus on studying without any distractions. Teachers have found that the students are learning efficiently and effectively through e-learning as they can learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading and re-watching the concepts as they choose.

Navsrijan was about to begin its new session for its new entrants LKG children from 16th March 2020. Our new admitters did not even get a chance to enter the four walls of classrooms. Our LKG teacher just embraced this new reality and started working within its limitations and used this challenge as an opportunity to widen her skills. She made her introduction and teaching videos and she regularly conducts one-on-one calls with the parents to ensure learning. Surprisingly, she receives 90% of work done within the first hour of uploading, which proves our little ones are the champs of the future.

Teachers at Navsrijan are also motivating students to explore creativity, cherish family bonds, play indoor games, learn novel skills, imbibe yoga as a daily habit, consume nutritious food and stay safe at home.

Our mission at Navsrijan has been to ensure that learning should never be interrupted. Earlier we were successful in bringing about a balance in our society by educating the underserved children and today even during this pandemic the learning hasn’t stopped, and we proudly say ‘Learning never stops at Navsrijan, no matter what.’


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