Navsrijan Prize Day, 2019

The consciousness of the seer is a greater power for knowledge than the consciousness of the thinker. The perceptual power of the inner sight is greater and more direct than the perceptual power of thought”

– Sri Aurobindo


An event to celebrate each and every achiever, the annual Prize Day was held on the 12th of December, 2019. The program began with the lighting of the lamp and the Ganesh Vandana, followed by the Vande Mataram. The chief guest for the day’s celebrations was Ms. Anjali Jaipuria, Founder & Chairperson of Navsrijan School.


It was heartening to witness an event of this scale being hosted by children of Navsriijan, standing shoulder to shoulder with mainstream students. Students from Navsrijan received accolades in various domains such as Elocution, Creative Writing, Yoga, Cricket, Fine Arts & Performing Arts among others. The all-rounder trophy in the junior school was given to Nandini Bansal and in middle school, it was given to Neha Rawat.


The auditorium was filled with parents, gleaming with pride as their children descended down the aisle in the ‘Walk of Fame’. Amidst the camera flashes and roars of applause, the young achievers walked up on stage to receive their medals and certificates.

A moment of pride for all at Navsrijan!


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