Responsible and Conscious Citizenship Project 8th February, 2019

We at Navsrijan believe that our students should be conscious, responsible and pro – active to be good citizens of a democratic country. Our contribution to inculcate these qualities in our students begins at the level of Class 6. The students participate in community activities and learn to exhibit moral and civic values. To cultivate these qualities, students of class 6 are divided in groups and taken out of the four walls of the school into the real world. Before their visit the students idealize their venues and prepare a questionnaire so that their visit can be effective. This year children visited Gomti Nagar Railway Station and Janeshwar Mishra Park. They noted down the value of the place by questioning the concerned authorities. The observation were jotted down. Their analytical skills were developed when they discussed about the positive points and about the areas which had room for improvement. This project helped them to take a step towards being responsible and conscious citizens.
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