Umra Noor

Umra Noor (1)

Umra is a shining example of determination and perseverance. Belonging to a destitute family, Umra is the fourth child in a family of five siblings. With no father to nurture these siblings and a mother who frequently falls ill, the responsibility of the entire household lies solely on her 17 year old brother. Thus, it is no surprise then that Umra and her family are always on the move, finding a home wherever they can, even if it for a short while. What has remained consistent in Umra’s life, though, is her unwavering resolve to educate herself. Umra is a bright and sincere student who has not only achieved academic excellence but is also a budding athlete.


Mamta Kanaujia

Mamta KanaujiaMamta is a Class 7 student who aspires to be a sportsperson. Her father is a tailor and her mother works as a house maid. Mamta too performs a number of household chores and also cooks food at home. She has an older brother who has given up studying to help out financially and she along with her younger brother comes to school. Having seen her parents struggle, Mamta has taken it upon herself to get quality education and better the life of her family. A sincere and dedicated student, Mamta is especially good at Tae-kwon-do and has a special liking for Chemistry and Mathematics


Nandini Bansal

Nandini BansalTalent finds its way, no matter what the circumstances. Nandini is one such talented musician who besides all odds, continues to excel in many fields. Belonging to an impecunious family, Nandini lives with her parents and 3 siblings. The current shanty that they are residing in doesn’t even have the basic of amenities in place; not even a proper roof.  To make ends meet, her elder sister works as a domestic maid before and after school. But these circumstances aren’t an excuse for her to not achieve what she sets out to. She excels not just in academics but also in co-curricular activities.  She is a Yoga champ and has also found her way in the school orchestra, playing the synthesizer.


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