Meet AsminBano, a class 3 student who joined the Navsrijan family in 2011. Her father is a milkman while her mother works as a domestic maid. Asmin has three siblings. While she comes from a conservative family, she has emerged as a true star and excelled in the field of sports. She recently won silver medals in 400m and 200m race at the state level competition conducted in Sports College.


Meet Manish who lives with his parents and two sisters in the village of Khargapur near Gomti Nagar. He joined the Navsrijan family in 2003. He is a student in Class 3. His parents could not afford to send him to school. His father is a launderer and Manish is his only assistance. Though he helps his father in completing the laundry till midnight, he is one of the first to arrive at Navsrijan the next noon. A big smile and there he is, so excited about being in school. Manish is very good in academics but excels in Art and has a very imaginative mind.


Meet Ragini. An exemplary student, both in academics and in extra-curricular activities. Ragini qualified in the entrance of mainstream Seth M.R. Jaipuria School but refused to be inducted there as she has to look after her sibling in the morning when her mother goes to work.Now she studies in class 5.She was also adjudged the “All Rounder” of the year 2014 -15 and 2015 -16.


Meet Ruksana. Her life revolved around buffaloes and helping her father deliver milk to various houses. She has three siblings. Accidentally she managed to join the Navsrijan family in 2011. She was enrolled at the class 1 level since she came in with no prior formal schooling. And today Ruksana is known for sports she plays and Mathematics! She has won several gold and silver medals in athletics & long jump.

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